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Twelve years ago when I started teaching, I didn't know it would lead to so many great things in my life.  Teaching music has lead me to great friends, amazing places, and fantastic performances here in New Jersey and around the country.  

I look forward to helping more students as they learn about this wonderful activity.  


Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!

- Matt


​How Do skype lessons work?​

​​our history

May 2006 - Earned a B.A. in music education from Montclair State University with honors.

September 2006 - Grand opening of Peak Performance Music, Lesson Studio in Wayne NJ.

January 2009 - Peak Performance Music tops 200 students a week and opens Preakness Summer Music Camp to extend its programs into the summer.

August 2011 – Hurricane Irene floods parts of Wayne NJ taking our studio out with it.  3 feet of water sure puts a damper on music lessons.  We have to close up shop...


June 2013  - We completely underestimate how much time starting a family takes!  Our son is born and we still teach privately, still mostly in North Jersey.

July 2016 - Establishment of White Meadow Music! Named after our local community, we aim to bring quality instrumental lessons and audition preparation to our local students.  And the birth of our daughter...it's a busy month!

January 2018 - After putting about 28,000 miles on our cars going out to gigs and lessons, White Meadow Music brings lessons to the masses via online lessons with Skype.

"What better job could there be than inspiring young people to make great music?"

​Mission + Vision